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The Labor Board, Inc. is a consulting company created for the purpose of helping people learn about a federal labor law called the Fair Labor Standards Act, covering minimum wage and overtime.  We are expert in all matters dealing with this and several other federal laws.  Since our mission is to inform and assist people in learning about this and other federal laws, we welcome employees and employers alike to this site.


ALL the information provided by The Labor Board, Inc. on this site, as well as the work completed for you by our staff, is supervised by highly competent and extremely experienced labor lawyers from independent firms. If it is determined that there is a situation requiring litigation, employees will be allowed to confer with these lawyers at no charge to the employees. Reasonable rates will be charged to employers requiring the assistance of attorneys who are expert in this field.


Our site contains information about federal labor laws, and the rights of employees as well as the responsibilities of employers under those laws. Basic information about labor laws is available for free on this site, as well as a forum for the exchange of thoughts among our visitors. To cover the expenses of providing this service, a minimal fee is charged for access to the remainder of the site as a member, where we provide you with further details on the law as well as the latest news on upcoming changes in the law, and the effects recent litigation has had on the enforcement of the law. We also provide members with our Q&A, including access to the questions others have previously asked and we have answered.


If an employer has need of specific guidance on how to comply with these laws, contact information is available and our consultants can and will assist them personally for an additional fee.


Our many years of experience and our research library are available to professionals in this field at an additional fee.  We have found that our services save attorneys and accounting professionals a great deal of time in successfully completing their own work.

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If you have sought out this web site, chances are that you are an employer or an employee.  We created this web site to be of REAL help to you.  You can learn from our general information membership what rights are afforded to employees and what obligations employers have under federal labor law.


Employers need to know about their obligations because of the growing number of law suits filed under the federal labor law, "The Fair Labor Standards Act," by employees who have educated themselves in the law, such as those visiting this site. In fact this is the fastest growing area of federal litigation.  You do not have to take our word for it, simply visit: www.uscourts.gov and do the research as we have.  What you do not know about your obligations, compliance, and how to protect yourself against litigation is unbearably costly.  If you purchase a Professional Membership we will include access to required labor posters for free.  Having those posters provided free saves you from spending money to order them from others, and posting them is required to comply with the law.  The cost of membership for an entire year is less than an experienced labor lawyer charges for one-quarter of an hour of their time.  Be wise rather than otherwise.


If your are an employee, you must be aware of what your rights are so that you will NOT be economically abused by employers who do not know what the laws require of them or by those employers who simply do not care what rights you have under the law.  The cost of the general membership is less than the cost of a video game and many times more productive.


Your membership fee helps to ensure the continued existence of this web site in the service of those employers and employees who are smart enough to make use of it to protect themselves.

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